Law Society of Ireland CPD Obligations 2024 - New requirements

A new CPD scheme came into effect on 1 January 2024 for the period until 31 December 2024.

New requirements

  • Number of hours: The annual CPD requirement for this year is now 25 hours.
  • Categories of CPD and minimum requirements: The 25 hours must include a minimum of 5 hours of Professional Development and Solicitor Wellbeing (broadly, formerly Management & Professional Development Skills) and a minimum of 3 hours of Client Care and Professional Standards (broadly, formerly Regulatory).
  • In-person attendance: A minimum of 5 hours (20%) of the annual CPD requirement must be fulfilled by way of “physical attendance at an organised structured session of CPD undertaken in a group of three or more persons that lasts for a period of not less than thirty minutes”.
You will find a copy of the new guidelines by clicking on this link: 2024-cpd-scheme-booklet.pdf (lawsociety.ie).

CPD Opportunities

We are currently reviewing the content on this site in light of the new requirements. It will be updated in due course and you will receive a notification.

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